Friday, January 28, 2011

Allan Gardens Conservatory

A recent trip to Toronto took me to the most beautiful botanical garden, Allan Gardens Conservatory.  The conservatory is a park and indoor botanical garden located in downtown Toronto and is open daily to the public.  The garden is the main part of the property and was donated by George William Allan who was a politician and cultural leader.  Before being named Allan Gardens, the park took the name "botanical gardens" and then "horticultural garden".  Allan Gardens was established in 1858.  The garden’s permanent plant collection includes orchids, hibiscus, cacti, caladiums and various palm trees.  

The Victorian conservatory known as the Palm House was created in 1910 and is comparable to similar gardens in England and the USA.  The botanical garden covers 16,000 sq ft and features six greenhouses with a permanent plant collection including a sub-tropical garden, palm house, cacti, and seasonal plant collection.  The garden houses contain the largest collection of pandanus (Madagascar tropical pine) in Toronto.

For more information on Allan Gardens Conservatory visit:

Below are a few images of some of the most visually stunning blooms from my tour.

The Palm House at Allan Gardens.

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