Monday, October 4, 2010

Desert Journey to the Inland Sea

During my visit to Doha, Qatar I had the opportunity to go dune bashing by the inland sea area near the Qatar, Saudi Arabia boarder.  It was a very unique experience with breath taking views!  My colleagues and I planned our trip, so we got to enjoy both desert sunrise and sunset.  Our driver was nice enough to drive us away from our overnight camp, to view the stars.  We spent late night lying on warm sand dunes and gazing into the star lite desert sky.

  Preparing to go dune bashing.  Waiting in the car while our driving
 releases air out of the tires so the vehicle doesn't roll over.

Tire impressions left in the desert sand from other dune bashing vehicles.
Beautiful view of the Inland Sea.
A fun view of the desert sand dunes rolling into the sea.
Savoring every moment in the desert!
Desert dunes.
The desert sunset.  It was pretty spectacular!
Two beautiful camels hanging out at the desert resort visited for the night.